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Sesame Street


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Sesame Street

Sesame Street Unpaved: (Noggin)
Season 1, Episode 1 Premiere Episode 4 
Season 1, Episode 2 B Alphabet Hunt 4
Season 1, Episode 3 Lulu's Back In Town 4
Season 1, Episode 4 Oscar's Birthday Party 4
Season 1, Episode 5 Big Bird Moves Bird Seed 4
Season 2, Episode 1 Second Season Premiere 4
Season 2, Episode 2 Oscar's Wet Paint Sign 4
Season 2, Episode 3 Oscar's Stop Signs 4
Season 2, Episode 4 Big Bird Opens Hooper's Store 4
Season 3, Episode 1 Third Season Premiere [Maria, Luis, and David
debut]) 4
Season 3, Episode 2 Rainstorm 4
Season 4, Episode 1 Fourth Season Premiere [Second Gordon and Sam the
Robot debut] 4
Season 4, Episode 2 Stevie Wonder Visits 4
Season 5, Episode 1 Fifth Season Premiere 4
Season 10, Episode 1090 Sesame Street goes to Hawaii 4
Season 10, Episode 1091 Sesame Street goes to Hawaii 4
Season 10, Episode 1092 Sesame Street goes to Hawaii 4
Season 10, Episode 1093 Sesame Street goes to Hawaii 4
Season 10, Episode 1094 Sesame Street goes to Hawaii 4
Season 10, Episode 1095 Sesame Street goes to Hawaii 4
Season 11, Episode 1364 Star Wars visits Sesame Street 4
Season 11, Episode 1396 Star Wars visits Sesame Street 4
Season 14, Episode 1800 Dr. Price Finds A Snuffleapagus 4
Season 15, Episode 1836 Gordon & Snuffy run the NYC Marathon 4
Season 15, Episode 1839 I'll Miss You Mr. Hooper 4
Season 25, Episode 3136 25th Season Premeire [Sesame Street Expands
Around The Corner] 4
Episode 926 Grover Yells Suprise/Hooper's Store Anniversary Party 4
Episode 1037 Big Bird is Jealous of Buffy's Baby 4
#2432 Chip and Dip 4
Maria & Luis's Wedding 4
Mr. Hooper Goes Back to School 4
Hoopers Store Opens Late 4
Maria visits Puerto Rico for her Birthday 4
Buffy's baby Cody 4
Fred The Wonder Horse and Buffy sing a song/ Cody 4
# Of Clips: 45
1. AM witches make chicken soup
2. Henson animation: Queen Of Six
3. Grover The Lumberjack: First For Supper?
4. Henson animation: King Of Eight
5. Miss Muffet rehearsal
6. AM cheerleaders: 4 (Spanish soundtrack)
7. The Amazing Mumford's suspension act (with Grover and Herry)
8. Song: Ballad of Casey MacPhee (Cookie Monster)
9. E&B: Was Bert captured by Martians??
10. E&B: The Count sleeps over (2-part sketch)
11. Kermit demonstrates ROUND
12. E&B: at the beach - Ernie meets Tough Eddie
13. Professor Grover talks about listening
14. Kermit and the word TAXI
15. Song: One Banana
16. Grover and Debo: S
17. Salesmonster Telly sells Kermit a head-warmer
18. Song: Two G Sounds (Grover, George)
19. News Flash: Aladdin
20. E&B: Ernie talks to someone on the phone about their day
21. Song: One Way
22. Snow White visits the Six Dwarves
23. E&B: Ernie's disguise kit
24. Is This The D Train?
25. Grover and the monsters make music
26. Song: As I Was Going To St. Ives
27. Grover and the letter R
28. Pageant: Butterfly
29. Helen Reddy sings "Wonder Child"
30. AM family arrangement
31. Suzanne Farrell turns around (featuring Count and some monsters)
32. E&B: Talk slower!
33. Sinister Sam wants to know Y
34. E&B: Rainy day, Ernie imagines playing baseball
35. E&B: letting balloons go
36. Song: My Polliwog Ways (Kermit)
37. Ernestine says her first word
38. Kermit directs Forgetful Jones in "Oklahoma"
39. Bert in the park with Simon the Soundman
40. News Flash: Rapunzel (with rarely seen original ending in tact)
41. Great Movie Classics: Casablanca
42. E&B: Ernie decorates the room for the viewer
43. E&B: Ernie plays the drums along with Bert's knock
44. Song: Get Along (Kermit, cow, Yip-Yip aliens, Twiddlebugs, greasers)
45. The Count counts candles
Total Number of Skits: 50
B+E: Bert and Ernie
NF: Newsflash
MT: Monsterpiece Theatre
Harvey Kneeslapper: "A" 1971
Fat Blue orders a "Speedy Pizza" Mid 1990's
Herry and John John- Loud and Soft early 1970's
B+E: Bert wraps a present 1970
NF: Rumplestilskin 1974-75
B+E Play drums 1974
Grover and Jessie: Marriage 1980's
The Rhymies: Camping Early 80's
Alien Alphabet: Green and Purple AM's 1971
Kermit, Chris and Stephanie: Ears 1971
I'm In Between w/Mr. Otis and Monsters Late 70's
MMM Monster Meal  1971
MT: 12 Angry Men 1990's
Dragnet Parody: W 1971
Grover sings in the park to Fat Blue: 1990's
Grover and Derek: Teeth mid 80's
Trippy 70's Cartoon: Boy Gets Lost 70's
B+E Important note for Bert 1970
MT: Much Ado About Nothing Late 80's
The Dialing For Prizes Movie 1975
Cartoon: King Midas and The Disappearing Dragons 1970's
Cookie goes to the bakery 1971
Yip Yip Aliens: Faucet 1990's
B+E Ernie Brings Home A Puppy 1980's
Grover and Girl: Ears 80's
Cartoon Alien Needs Z Food 70's
Zizzy Zoomers '71
Robin Hood (Ernie) Auditions For Merry Men 1970-71
Kermit and Chris: Count To 20 '71
B+E: Let's Get Bert Angry 1970
Ernie and Sherlock: Missing Apple 1970
Chris, Grover, and Love 80's
Kermit hosts a Twiddlebug Party 1971
1,2,3, 3 Monsters! (Blue Nosed Herry, Grover, and Small Red Monster Girl) 1970
B+E La La La 1971
E+B At The Movies: Quiet! 1975
Kermit: "In The Quiet Of The Evening" (Song) 1981
Caveperson Days: B+E: Window 1980's
Air: Bipbipbopadotta Late 1980's
Marshall Gorver and Fred The Wonder Horse Counting Bet Early 80's
Kermit, Grover, and Gril: "A!"1970-71
E+B: Cherries early 80's
Ernie Pretends Bert's Asleep late 80's
National Association of W Lovers 1971
B+E: Ernie Takes A Bath With Precautions 1970
Grover's Walk Lecture 80's
Grover: "I Like i" Song 1970-71
Soundman Simon Buys a Trumpet 1971
Ernie and Lefty: 8 1969
E+B: Rhyming Game 
Viewmaster Interactive Vision videos (works for VHS, but non-interactive. Still really cool tapes):
Sesame Street: Let's Learn to Play Together (Instrucion tape)
Oscar's Letter Party
Getting Ready For School

Sony Home Video:
Best of Ernie & Bert 5
Cinder Elmo 5
Elmopalooza 5
Christmas Eve On SS 5 ( no edits)
Monster Hits 5
Do The Alphabet! 5
The Best Of Kermit on Sesame Street 5
Cookie Monster's Best Bites 5
123 Count With Me 5
Elmo's Magic Cookbook 5
Elmo's Musical Adventures: Peter and the Wolf 5
Learning About Letters 5
Bedtime Songs and Stories 4
Play with me Sesame Old clips tape: List coming soon!
Other Sesame:
Elmo's World: Happy Holidays! 4/3 (taped from PBS)
Hurricane Series, 2001: Kermit reports on the street