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My Muppet Video Trade Page
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The Muppet Show
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TV Appearances
Specials, Documentaires, Pilots, etc
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Muppets on Puppets 3/4 (pbs)
The Great Santa Claus Switch 1/2 (cbs)    
Hey, Cinderella! 6 (Disney)
Muppet Musicians of Bremen 6 (Muppet Home Video)
Emmet Otters JugBand X mas 6 (Columbia)
Frog Prince 5 (Disney)
Of Muppets And Men 3/4 (Orig. Broadcast)
HOT! Henson's Place 4 (Unsure station, but rearied after Jim's Death)
Sesame Street 20 and Counting 4 (Orig. Broadcast incl. JHH promos)
Fantastic Miss Piggy Show 4 (Nick)
Christmas Toy 6 (Columbia)
A Muppet Family X Mas 6 (JHHV)  Muppet Family Christmas edits (8:30) 4
John Denver and The Muppets: A Christmas Together 4 (Disney Channel)
John Denver and The Muppets: Rocky Mt. Holiday 4 (Orig. Broadcast)
Muppets celebrate Jim Henson ( Gonzo read more about it) 5 (With original unfiltered Kermit voice)
The Muppets Go Hollywood 3/4 (Odyssey)
The Muppets Go To The Movies 3/4 (Odyssey)
The Muppets: A Celebration of 30 years 4 (missing small portion of beginning) (Orig. Broadcast)
The Muppets at WDW 5/6 (Disney Channel)
Tale Of The Bunny Picnic 6 (Disney)
Miss Piggy's Hollywood 4 (Odyssey)
MSNBC: Jim Henson and The Muppets (Today show appearances) 5 (Orig. Broadcast)
CNN People Profiles: Jim Henson 5 (Orig. Broadcast)
A&E Bio: Sesame Street 5 (Orig. Broadcast)
Christmas Eve On SS 6 (Sony, no edits)
An Evening w/ Jim Henson and Frank Oz 3/4 (Home Video)
It's The Muppets (1993 Home Video TMS compiltation, 2 volumes) 6 (Disney)
Down at Fraggle Rock: Behind the Scenes 3/4
Making of Muppet Christmas Carol 5
Making of Muppet Treasure Island 4
Making the Video: Weezer and the Muppets: "Keep Fishing" 4/5
Tales Of The Tinkerdee (Pilot for unrealized Muppet show, 1962)  4
Here Come The Puppets! 3/4
Basil Hears a Noise (Sesame Park, Canada) 5/6
Fraggles Look For Jobs (AKA: Fraggle Wrap Party Tape) 3
National Arts: The Vision of Jim Henson 4
I Love 1976 4
I Love Muppets 4
National Arts: The Vision of Jim Henson 4
Julie {Andrews} on Sesame Street 2/3