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My Muppet Video Trade Page
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Sesame Street
The Muppet Show
Fraggle Rock
Muppets Tonight!
The Jim Henson Hour
TV Appearances
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Other: Rarities, Home Video, Etcetera

Break'n the Rules 1987
Coffee Break Machine 1987
Explosion (Cuts off a bit early, due to the tape running out) 1987
Final Speech Controls (75C) 1975
Leo And The Monster 1987
Muppet Announcements (75B) 1975
Muppet Introduction (75A) 1975
Safety Zone 1985
Sales Savvy 1987
Super Salesperson 1985
The Art Of Negotiation 1987
The Rap-up 1985

Muppet Viewmaster Interactive Vision videos (works for VHS, but non-interactive. Still really cool tapes):
Muppet Studios: You're the Director!
Sing Alongs:
Muppet Sing Along: Billy Bunny's Animal Songs 5
Muppet Sing Along: It's Not Easy Being Green 5
Jim Henson Play Along series
Hey, You're as Funny As Fozzie Bear! 3/4
Sing Along, Dance Along, Do Along 5
Hey! You're A Cartoonist! 4/5
Neat Stuff! 4/5
Playhouse Video Series
Muppet Video Series: Country Music With The Muppets 5
Muppet Video Series: Gonzo Present's Muppet Weird Stuff 5
Muppet Video Series: Rock Music With The Muppets 5
Muppet Video Series: The Kermit & Miss Piggy Story 4/5
Muppet Video Series: Muppet Moments 5
Muppet Video Series: The Muppet Revue 5
Muppet Video Series: Muppet Treasures 5
Muppet Video Series: Fozzies Muppet Scrapbook 5
Muppet Video Series: Children's Song & Stories 5
Muppet Video Series: Rowlf's Rhapsodies 5
Muppet Time: All 4
- Here Come the Frog Scouts:new girl (2:04)
- Let's Visit with Huffy Monster:crayons (2:01)
- Here Comes Icky Nono:first day of school (1:48)
 - Let's Play w/ the 2 Little Pigs:We did it ourselves (1:35)
- Let's Play w/ Kirby and Jeffy:buried treasure
- Here Come the Frog Scouts:hide and seek (1:56)
- Undercover Rover:chicken (3:10)
- The Three Silly Bears : Beauty Parlor
- Let's Sing with Do Re Me Monster: Super Action Succotash Man with Kung Fu Grip
- Here Comes Icky Nono: Spaghetti
- Here Come The Frog Scouts: Maurice's boo boo
- Let's Visit with Huffy Monster: Lullaby
- Let's Visit with Huffy Monster: my friend no one else can see

Wilkins and Wontkins Ad: Cowboys (195?) 3
E! News Live: Kermit (IAVMMCM DVD Promo) 4
Behind the Scenes clips of MT ep w/ Paula Abdul (from her E! True Hollywood Story) 3
Muppets Arrive at WDW commercial 4
Miss Piggy for Baked Lays: Pool Commercial 4
Dennys Commercials (extended versions) 4/5
Muppets on Location (WDW live stage show) 1991 4
Here Come The Muppets (another WDW show)1989 3/4
Muppet  Vision 3-D 3/4
Time Piece 4/5
Kermit Commercials (1980's) 4 (Original Broadcast)
Animal Show: Dave Goelz 4/5
The Muppet Movie British scenes 4